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Y Normal Pressure Gauge
YN Shockproof Pressure Gauge
Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge
Location style pressure gauge
Differential Transmissible Pre
Inductance Pressure Transmitte
Diaphragm Seal pressure Gauge
Shockproof Electric Contact Pr
Photo electricity Shockproof E
Shockproof Photo electricity S
Diaphragm Pressure Gauge
Stainless Steel Capsule Pressu
Capsule Pressure Gauge
Bimetallic thermometer
Shockproof differential press
Shockproof electric contact p
Explosion-proof pressure gaug
shockproof pressure gauge wit
Pressure Relay
Induction type contact pressu
Shockproof electric contact pr
Shockproof magnetic induction
delicacy transmitter
standard transmitter
wind-pressure transmitter
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Company introduction  
  Our enterprise is a permanent member unit of the whole country gauge trade china, the member unit of china calculating association, is an esteeming contract and keeping promises enterprise in our city is a special trade producing special gauge.
   Our enterprise is assigned for producing pressure gauge for the Chemical Industry Department and the Chlorine and Alkali Trade. In 1999, we passed ISO9002 Quality System Certificate.
   Our enterprise produces and develops every kind pressure gauges and pressure controllers, pressure transmitter and Bimetallic Thermometer. Photo-Electricity shock-proof Electric Contact Pressure Gauge has patented a practical use new pattern technology (patent number:99229277.8). Shock-proof pressure gauge for ship use has gotten China ship"s Classification Society"s Authentication.
   Our products are widely used in petrol chemical, industry, metallic, mining, traffic, food, probing ocean industries and so on. We have established excellent image for enterprises because of great quality.
   Our products are sold briskly on 29 provinces in the whole country, also exported to variety countries. We set up good cooperation-association relationship with plenty of large-scale or medium-scale enterprises.
   We sincerely invite you to our beautiful garden alike plant. Hopefully we will become good long-term friends while do business.

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